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This script is used for compiling a total of all purchases from My eBay: Purchase history.

It is posted here so we can keep track of it, not for the purpose of others to use it.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if you use this script. Ebay can change their website and break the script at any time, or I could be adding numbers other than you expect.

function ebayTotals() {
if (typeof window.itemTotals === "undefined") {
window.itemTotals = []
var currentPageTotal = 0
document.querySelectorAll(".order-r").forEach(function(orderRow) {
// This will find the first cost label, which is either the "order total" or
// the item total if it is the only number.
var costLabel = orderRow.querySelector(".cost-label")
currentPageTotal += parseInt(costLabel.innerText.replace(/[^\d]/g, ""))
var message = ""
message += "You have added the totals for "
message += window.itemTotals.length.toString() + " pages so far:"
message += "\n"
message += "\n"
window.itemTotals.forEach(function(pageTotal, index) {
message += "page " + (index + 1) + ": "
message += pageTotal.toString().replace(/(\d+?)(\d{2})$/, "$1.$2")
message += "\n"
message += "-----------------------"
message += "\n"
message += "Your current total is: "
message += window.itemTotals
.reduce((a, e) => a + e)
.replace(/(\d+?)(\d{2})$/, "$1.$2")
message += "\n"
message += "\n"
message += "Go to the next page and run this script again to continue adding."

Here is is as a bookmarklet:

javascript:(function ebayTotals(){if(typeof window.itemTotals==="undefined"){window.itemTotals=[]}var currentPageTotal=0;document.querySelectorAll(".order-r").forEach(function(orderRow){var costLabel=orderRow.querySelector(".cost-label");currentPageTotal+=parseInt(costLabel.innerText.replace(/[^\d]/g,""))});window.itemTotals.push(currentPageTotal);var message="";message+="You have added the totals for ";message+=window.itemTotals.length.toString()+" pages so far:";message+="\n";message+="\n";window.itemTotals.forEach(function(pageTotal,index){message+="page "+(index+1)+": ";message+=pageTotal.toString().replace(/(\d+?)(\d{2})$/,"$1.$2");message+="\n"});message+="-----------------------";message+="\n";message+="Your current total is: ";message+=window.itemTotals.reduce((a,e)=>a+e).toString().replace(/(\d+?)(\d{2})$/,"$1.$2");message+="\n";message+="\n";message+="Go to the next page and run this script again to continue adding.";alert(message)})();